His works are based on his memories and experiences recreating them with a positive perspective. People have happy memories and unhappy ones. However, most people easily forget sweet memories, and sometimes we only remember hard and difficult times. In his opinion, we should be more optimistic. Life is beautiful, not miserable. Thurs, He want to create fun and interesting sculptures that people can relate to and that hopefully help them appreciate their past. He would like everyone to be able to look back and enjoy their sweet memories.

           The visual language of his works are based on the cube form. Every piece is expressed as a series of cubes, transformed in to different size and shapes. His sculptures are made in a pixelated style, that are cute, chubby, and colorful, created by folding and cutting sheet metal, or stacking plywood. He has used the cube based pixelated style because he like to clean, organize, simplify and focus on geometric forms. For these reason he is attracted to cubes, corners and flat surfaces. Cube is an obsession in his work, representing my character and style.