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Alison Ye

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Diana Garcia

Eva Fu

Josef Peters

Lisa Moore-Long

Mirkhabib Abzalov

Nic Webber



The pixel deer is my first hunting prize. When I was a kid, around 10 years old, I was shy, quiet, and a skinny little boy. During that time, I normally stayed at home, and did not do many outside activities. My grandfather and uncle always wanted me to be more active. One cold winter day, we went on a hunting trip. I did not want to go, I just wanted to stay at home and play video games. We went to a hut in the forest, and stayed overnight. It was very cold, not fun. We did not catch anything. It is one of my unhappy memories.

I created my own first hunting trip prize, made out of mild steel, in 8 bit retro video game style with real antlers. In this way I can celebrate an unhappy hunting trip in a positive way.